Project: Swarm Fabrication

This project researches in swarm intelligence design processes, robotic bending and script in fabricating massive similar unique components. The project explores spatial self-organization, emergent tectonics and the relationship between robotic and algorithmic behavior. The behavior of the robots has been encoded within the generative algorithm to ensure that the agent-bodies negotiate between volatile generative design and more pragmatic concerns of fabrication behavior. This process compresses fabrication and design imperatives into a integrated process.   

  • /07.2015 Collaborate Installation

    • Instructor: Roland Snooks, Cameron Newnham, Hao Meng

    • Team: Hao Zheng, Siyao Zheng, Ye Yuan, Zini Wang, Yi Wang, Bin Shen, Jing Qian, Yujun Mao, Jinze Liu, Fan Jin, Jiazhen Ken Chen, Honghao Deng