- a co-play game with VR-hmd player, AR player and tablet/pc player

First Place Winner

CHI PLAY Student Game Design Competition 2017 - Audience Award

VR Player - a survival game -  to survive the invisible cat's deadly scratch

(Note : all cats in this section is visible just for illustrating the game play. They aren't visible to VR - hmd player)


Scan room

Careful Examine the room to see tiny movement of the furniture caused by the sneaky cats. VR player's goal is to survive the cat's deadly scratch from the back and use the bucket to catch the cat.



Sofa Block

Grab objects in the room to block the cat from approaching (hopefully).



Find Bucket in room and use it to catch the cat.

Level Up

If one cat is caught. You will be leveled up to another difficulty with two sneaky cats.

Dodge Cat

Predict the cat's movement and always try to run away facing it. The sneaky cat only attacks from the back.


Watch Pie Throwing

Check flying pie from your teammate who can see the cat's shadow outside using AR magic torch. He will throw pie to the shadow. If it hits the cat, the cat will hesitate a moment to think whether or not to eat it, which is a good time for you to bucket him.


Game Over

Last minute under sneaky cat's deadly paw.


Escape Room

To win the game, try to find the key to the door through your teammate's torch light.


Torch Light Player - a explorer game -

- to find the deadly cat, powerful tools and the key for winning


Magic Torch Light

The torch light reveal all the 3d object's shadow and reveal them on the surface in reality. All VR objects are invisble objects with shadows in physical space for torch light player.


Find the Key

The only way to find the key is through its shadow produced by the magic torch light.



To win the game, try to find the key with magic torch light to open the door.


Magic Torch Light

The torch light reveals cat's shadow in phyical space.


Throw Pie

You happen to carry a lot of pies on you, which are somehow a little bit attractive to the cats.

Tablet Player - a strategy game -

the traveling house owner that need to remotely stratigically guide the cat to finish the player using laser tag.


Broken Surveillance Camera

The house owner can only see the approximate movement of the VR player to make predictions.


Laser Tag

Loved by all cats and cat owners.


Stop them unlocking the door!!


Broken Surveillance Camera

The house owner can only see part of the environment from the torch light. He has to memorize the surroundings to avoid misleading the cat. Accidentally killing the torchlight player can make the owner lose sight of surroundings.


Laser Tag

They are also useful for leading two cats. However, it may cause you hit the bucket on your own easily.