Honghao Deng (zh:邓鸿浩) is a computational designer focusing on building hyper-performance built-environment with the integration of tangible Interface, IoT, AR, and VR. He holds a Master of Design Studies in Technology degree with Distinction at Harvard GSD and a Bachelor of Architecture from Tianjin University. He is the principal of Radical Department. He is also a researcher at City Science Group, MIT Media Lab and Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab at Harvard, developing spatial experience interface that enables users to customize their working and living spaces intuitively and effortlessly.

Honghao has won multiple international design awards in interaction, product, and architecture, including Golden A' Design Award, iF Design Award, 1st Place Future Cities Contest, 1st place CHI Play Game Design Award, Ubicomp/ISWC Design Award. His work has been covered by Domus, CCTV, ArchDaily, Arab News, the National and Metropolis Magazine.


  • Ubicomp/ISWC Design Exhibition Award 2018. 10

  • iF Design Award 2018. 02

  • 1st Prize - Future Cities Contest - Cities for a Flying World 2017. 11

  • 1st Place - CHI PLAY Student Game Design Competition Audience Awards 2017. 10

  • Golden A' Design Award - Lighting Projects Design 2017.04

  • Silver A' Design Award - Furniture Design 2017.04

  • Honorable Mention - Tomorrow Workplace Competition by METROPOLIS 2016.10

  • Finalist - UIA-HYP International Architectural Student Competition 2015 2015.9

  • Editor's Choice - eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2015 2015.4

  • Finalist - UIA-HYP International Architectural Student Competition 2014 2014.9

  • 1st Place - 3rd Asia Rookie Award - China Division 2014.8

  • 1st Prize - National Exhibition of Excellent Work of Architectural Students 2014.8

  • Excellent Proposal - Blue Sky Plan by World Wide Fund for Nature 2014.2

  • Bronze Prize - "Huacheng Cup" Cardboard Architecture Design Competition 2012.7


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