Honghao Deng is a computational designer focusing on building hyper-immersive environment with integration of tangible Interface, IoT, AR and VR. He is currently working towards his Master Degree in Design Studies in Technology at Harvard University. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture at Tianjin University (TU) with concentration in Algorithmic Design and Robotic Fabrication. He is a researcher at City Science Group, MIT Media Lab, developing architectural design interface for dynamic transformable co-working and living spaces, which enables users to customize their spaces intuitively and effortlessly.


  • IF Design Award - Professional Concept Category                                          2018. 02
  • 1st Prize - Future Cities Contest - Cities for a Flying World                                  2017. 11
  • 1st Place - CHI PLAY Student Game Design Competition Audience Awards    2017. 10
  • Golden A' Design Award - Lighting Projects Design                                          2017.04
  • Silver A' Design Award - Furniture Design                                                          2017.04
  • Honorable Mention - Tomorrow Workplace Competition by METROPOLIS      2016.10
  • Finalist - UIA-HYP International Architectural Student Competition 2015           2015.9
  • Editor's Choice -  eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2015                                                 2015.4
  • Finalist - UIA-HYP International Architectural Student Competition 2014           2014.9
  • 1st Place - 3rd Asia Rookie Award - China Division                                              2014.8
  • 1st Prize - National Exhibition of Excellent Work of Architectural Students            2014.8
  • Excellent Proposal - Blue Sky Plan by World Wide Fund for Nature                    2014.2
  • Bronze Prize - "Huacheng Cup" Cardboard Architecture Design Competition     2012.7


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  • J Li*, H Deng*, P Michalatos: MagicTorch: A Context-aware Projection System for Asymmetrical VR Games CHI PLAY' 17
  • J Li*, H Deng*, P Michalatos: CatEscape: An Asymmetrical Multiplatform Game Connecting Virtual, Augmented and Physical World CHI PLAY' 17


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